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Wood-plastic Industry Under The Macro-control Way Of Life

Wood-plastic industry as a new industry in China formed a large-scale production is strictly Olympic Games and after the Expo, from 08 to the end of 2011, the national more than 1000 new lines absolutely, add new capacity of more than 600,000 t/year, the size of the added output value of nearly 6 billion, but the value really achieved it? I think not, wood and plastics industry just as large bubbles in the Internet industry. National support policies on the wood industry is still stuck in a practitioner's mind, the State regulation of the real estate, knock-on effects of building decoration materials market share shrink, dry catfish in the mud as the dry season, battle between the practitioner is bound to intensify. Added most of the line is a low technical threshold of PVC ecological wood and PE wood-plastic. Investors holding "speculators" mentality, not the raw materials improved, not the mold development, blindly copied, undercut each other, Jerry, also touted the product can't do. So many places there were some 60 Yuan/square meters of PVC ecological wood wall panels, and 120 Yuan/square meters PE floor, even the normal production and material costs are not enough, then there is fragmentation, fracture, mildewing, fading, shrinkage and a series of quality problems. Consumers are dissatisfied with a product and then the loss of confidence in the entire industry. Really is "self-defeating". The industry has "green, Bo, Grammy, Mei Sun, wind, Pepsi agreed" brands such as in eco-wood, PVC PE wood-plastic, co-extruded composite wood subdivision in a leading position in the field, but no one can really "mengniu, yili" influence in the dairy industry. PVC ecological wood for indoor decoration, PE plastic wood for outdoor engineering are faced their technology and cost barriers, is needed efforts breakthrough, total squeeze high fiber polyester composite wood as most ideal wood plastic products, but due to technology threshold high, production of manufacturers limited, market cognitive degrees than former, and by Qian both price of both inside and outside attack, more of energy is moved North America, and Australia and Japan, export high-end market. So in the next two years, "technological innovation and marketing" will become a survival course in the wood industry, those holding fishing quick mental speculators lucky foot washing ashore soon, bad luck will soon die in battle, in this industry is absolutely powerful brand will appear after two or three years.