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Wood-plastic Extrusion Needs Warming Up Industrial Upgrading Opportunity Highlights

In recent years, Europe market Shang total squeeze wood plastic products increasingly more, to 2010 end of wood plastic total squeeze products accounted for wood plastic products of total has over 50%, not only is traditional high-end of wood plastic doors and Windows, and handrails, and fence using wood plastic total squeeze, even low-end of floor, and fence, and outside wall Board, and template also increasingly more of used wood plastic total squeeze, can said, wood plastic total squeeze has became wood plastic products mainstream trend.

Wood-plastic extrusion market demand is soaring North American wood markets account for the global wood market is over 70%, including wood flooring accounted for more than 30%. Second generation wood plastic--total squeeze products durability strong, international market Shang put wood plastic floor classification for "low nursing" (LowMaintenance) products, put total squeeze class wood plastic floor and PVC knot skin sent bubble floor classification for "super low maintenance" (Ultra-LowMaintenance) products, reasons is total squeeze class wood plastic floor surface processing better, resistance waiting sex more strong, surface hardness high easily scraping spent, sucking water rate more low, overcome has most general wood plastic floor of shortcomings. Known in the trade as the second generation of wood. Compared with ordinary wood-plastic extrusion machine, due to the extrusion layer is very thin, special extruder for WPC extrusion process more demanding, temperature and pressure and the output flow rate controller to have more accurate, requires core and overlayer of co-extrusion welding and coating the better. Moreover screw design is different, it requires greater than, greater contact surface, cut less extrusion pressure higher.

Replacement products industry reshuffle although the domestic wood production starts late, but rapid development and large scale, is already the world's second-largest producer, but have to admit now, wood products quality and technology still lag behind the international advanced level. Product quality is low partly due to domestic use recycled material, if you can seize wood and plastic co-extrusion is such a great opportunity for product replacement, improving product quality and grades, and is of great benefit to the healthy development of the industry. In fact, wood-plastic extrusion is more than just a wood-plastic products, wood industry very important product upgrades, brings a reshuffle of the wood industry, wood-plastics manufacturers should pay attention to.