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Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Introduction To Features And Applications

Wood plastic composite is to sawdust, sawdust, bamboo chip, husk, Valley bran, peanut shell, cotton straw, low plant health material fiber mainly raw materials, using polymer interface chemical principle and plastic fill modified sex of features, mixed distribution must proportion of plastic base material, by special process processing Hou processing forming of a reversible sex cycle using, covers surface wide, products type more, form structure diverse of based sex material.

At present, this appellation, also called plastic wood, green wood, wood, reclaimed wood, aggregation and so on, English title: Wood-Plastic Composites, abbreviated as WPC. It has all characteristics of wood processing.

The new material has five characteristics:

1. Material resources: its part of biomass materials for waste utilization, sources, low value; plastic components required is not high, new, old material or mixture may, fully embodies the comprehensive utilization of resources and effective utilization.

2. Plastic products: wood-plastic products for the synthesis of artificial whole products, products can be adjusted according to use random process and formula, so as to produce a different performance and shape of the material, its material utilization close to 100%.

3. Environmental protection: wood materials wood/plastic binders and additives are commonly used safety and environmental protection, innocuous, its production process does not generate toxic side effects, therefore not pose any danger to humans and the environment registers.

4. Cost economy: wood products with low value material transfer of products with high added value, not only extremely low maintenance costs, and product life cycle several times that of wood, compared with obvious economic advantages.

5. Recycling and bio: wood materials waste 100% recycling and recycling can be, and will not affect performance of the product, it can realize "reduce, biochemical, recycling" cycle to the economic model.