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To Help The Home Industry, Wood Plastic Material Has A Great Effect

In recent years, the household industry has sprung up like mushrooms, the home is like a hot property.In the home decoration industry has a broad development space, can play its due role of wood plastic composite materials also from the edge of the sharp development.

The development of any new material products will inevitably move from the traditional material technology into different fields of science, and realize the new after the compound crossover.In this era of the new material emerge in endlessly, wood plastic material with the concept of "environmental protection, energy saving", as well as its special advantages, get rapid development in recent years at home and abroad, application domain expands unceasingly, the product constantly digging, the potential is very busy.

With the development of reform and opening up, home decoration industry experienced two development peaks in the 1990s and around 2000.The demand for secondary renovations has increased dramatically since 2013.According to the authoritative statistics, the second decoration volume in 2014 accounted for more than 10% of the total decoration.It is expected to enter the peak development period of the second decoration in 2016, which is likely to exceed 30% of the total.And demand characteristics of secondary decoration is different from a repair, including fast, economic and environmental protection decorates the cognitive, are secondary to decorate, wood plastic material completely can produce its own distinctive characteristics and excellent material properties play a huge role.

The development of wood-plastic material and other materials, the development of the system, the building and construction of systemic, are the key to the great energy of wood and plastic materials.To break the narrow single industry development concept, to go from the perspective of higher systematic construction and planning, integration of resources into the compound to its development of The Times, is an important thinking of wood plastic industry breakthrough."The jade is not cut, not a tool", the Chinese wood plastic is to be a big machine, the road although not close, but after all has a solid foundation.Believe that borrow "action plans" dongfeng, ideas, the right direction, continued, in the current promoting ecological civilization under the good environment of wood plastic composite this piece of "jade" can not only in huaxia shenzhou, and will be able to reflect the world.