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The Development History Of Wood Plastic Industry

The development history of wood plastic Industry

Date: 2nd Aug.2017

As early as a few decades ago, the United States began the wood plastic composite materials research and extrusion, but due to the processing technology is not mature, compared with the plastic and pure wood products, there are a lot of defect performance, wood plastic composite has been rapid development.With the breakthrough of industrial technology, the new processing technology has greatly improved the performance of wood - plastic composite materials, and the market of wood - plastic products has been opened rapidly.Large-scale industrial wood plastic composite extrusion began in the 80s, with the rapid growth of automobile industry, the demand of the car inner decoration unprecedented increase, then wood plastic composite has maintained steady growth.With the further development and exploration of the market, wood - plastic composite materials are increasingly used in real estate, public facilities and other aspects.In 1991, the international conference on wood-plastic composites was held in the United States.In the decade of the 1990s, the American wood - plastic industry gained substantial growth, with annual growth of more than 10 percent.After ten years of development, the United States has more than 50 annual output over ten thousand tons of wood plastic products, one of the largest companies have listed on the New York stock exchange, and form a from product development, raw materials, equipment manufacturing, mold development, manufactured goods production to the market marketing the integrity of the industry.Europe's wood-plastic industry has generally not developed as well as North America, but it has accelerated in recent years.Wood plastic enterprises are not many, and the production and technology level is commensurate with the Chinese enterprises, but it has a strong equipment manufacturing capacity and development potential is not to be underestimated.European demand for wood plastic material is exquisite, the demand for variety of design and color is higher than that of North America, interior decoration and outdoor building go hand in hand, but the use of technology and commodity prices is not very mature, there is high growth space.Due to its geographical reasons and environmental protection awareness, the use of wood - plastic materials is more common and the quality of products is better.Japan's wooden plastic research and development institution, after more than 10 years of efforts to develop high-quality wood plastic materials.Its products have natural wood color and texture, has been widely used in housing construction and decoration fields, is one of the highest quality products in the world at present, on behalf of the quality level of the wood plastic materials to replace natural wood and its development trend.

PE and PVC wood plastic for exterior and interior decoration. The main material of wood plastic is divided into PE and PVC wood plastic.PE wood plastic products are mainly outdoor garden construction, such as guardrails, flooring, garbage cans, flower pools, pallets and so on.PVC wood plastic products mainly some indoor decorative materials, such as door, floor, the line that play a base, door cover, and so on,manufacturing wood-plastics PE material is mainly secondary and tertiary PE recycled materials it powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier and making PVC wood-plastics material is mainly PVC powder, PVC recycled materials, wood powder, stone powder and part of the modifier and so on.PE material is excellent in water resistance and corrosion resistance,and PVC have more advantageous in other aspects, such as excellent processing, surface decoration, etc.Because of their respectiveadvantages, will it's irreplaceable in own fields.