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PVC Wood-plastic Composite Extrusion And General Extrusion Molding Of Thermoplastic Material Difference

PVC wood plastic composite of extrusion forming and General thermoplastic material of extrusion forming of difference: due to in material in the joined has large of fiber this on makes material of flow performance and processing performance variable poor. mixed refining and extrusion forming difficulty increased. to this composite system in the keep and improve material of mechanical performance. need through various method improve PVC resin and fiber of compatible sex. improved its interface state. right coordination good both of relationship, and not increased processing cost, involves many shaped effect factors. as: Variety of lubricants of the modifying agent, stabilizer, dosage, dosage formulations of rationality. Shadow effect factors of PVC wood-plastic composite extrusion process control only in the relevant issues to be discussed.

PVC wood-plastic composites production in order to process the most complex. in operation, apart from the outside should have a reasonable formula, process control of molding machine (process) is extremely important. effect on the yield and quality of key variables: temperature, screw speed, Jane mold temperature, vacuum molding, wood plastic composite film speed. Wood-plastic profile extrusion molding abnormal phenomena, causes and solutions.

In the production of PVC wood-plastic composite products focused on ingredients and technical rationality. In addition to the above causes of abnormal phenomena and approaches to self-determination. There are many unpredictable factors. to attain the highest parking the most and the best quality. key human factors. This full day the importance of practical experience.