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Lisen Wpc Decking Installation Instructions

1.when you install the decking,firstly you should make hardening pretreatment to the ground, and then fix the joist in the hardening ground.We recommend joist pitch for 35-40cm.Joist spacing can also be shorten as required


2.Consider a 3cm spacing to the building when installing the decking


3.The joist kit of wood decking is stainless steel clips.Drilling should be smaller than the diameter of the screw diameter of 3/4 in order to increase the self-tapping screws grip of the nails.

4.Knock the decking gently with the application of rubber hammer during construction to make sure of an equal gap and the beautiful construction surface.


5.The length of sheet metal will be affected because of the larger construction area.We recommend the section the 5mm spacing when the cross-section is needed.


6.You can connect the groove and joist with self-tapping screws if the clips are unavailable for the connection of the joist and decking.


7.Choose complementary board to be edge board according to the size of the joist and decking after completing the construction.