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Leap Into The Mainstream Of The Industry---wood Plastic Composite Flooring

Leap into the mainstream of the industry---wood plastic composite flooring

Date: 19th July, 2017

In recent years, with the depletion of global resources, environmental pollution has become more and more harmful to human health, and people's environmental awareness has begun to strengthen.Under the environmental protection low carbon trend, wood plastic composite began to be widely applied to all walks of life, wood plastic floor is one of the results, with its superior environmental performance to become the new favorite of the flooring industry, and gradually become mainstream products for floor industry, the prospect is good.

In general, in the floor of the frequent problem of formaldehyde industry, has a superior physical, appearance, machining, and environmental performance and has great environmental benefits and social benefits of wood plastic floor, can become mainstream industry is not surprising.Because it meets the needs of government, industry and consumers perfectly, it is the product of thetimes and leap into the mainstream of the industry.

Superior performance about the wood plastic composite decking Wood plastic composite decking(flooring,), short for wpc, now plays an important role in different industries.Compared with natural wood, it is have some advantages that gaining popularity among enterprises and consumers ,also its superior performance is inseparable.Firstly, wood plastic composite decking(flooring) has excellent physical properties such as good strength, high hardness, anti-skid, wear resistance, moth proof, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and heat insulation.Second, has the natural appearance and texture of wood, as well as better stability than wood.The wood and plastic composite floor has a sawing, planing and bonding wood secondary processing.The fourth and most important point, the wpc decking(flooring) not only does not release harmful substances to cause air pollution, but also can be 100% recycled, environmental performance is very superior.

We believe that with the superior performance, the environmental benefits and social benefits,which brought from wood plastic composite decking(flooring)will be significant in the future.