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Eco-friendly Highlights Wood-plastic Composite Materials

When high quality wood products more and more people of all ages, when timber products are becoming more and more popular in the city, forest reduction, pollution of the environment are still issued a warning to us. How to meet people's needs and attachment to wood, but also reduce the demand for wood, protection of natural forest resources? Ministry of information to demonstrate to the consumer a new Green materials---of wood-plastic composite material. Wood-plastic composite materials is a small amount of plastic and abandoned corner of the polymerization of synthetic wood wood powders.

Mixed with a small amount of plastic components in products, wood and plastic materials can effectively remove the natural defects of wood, waterproof, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite proof function. Also, because the main ingredient is wood, wood and residual wood, textured, like solid wood, nailing, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, painting, not easily deformed, cracks. The unique production process and technology can reduce the consumption of raw material to zero. Wood-plastic materials and products was praised, it has outstanding environmental features, can be recycled, is nearly free of harmful substances and poisonous gas volatile, detection by the relevant authority, release of formaldehyde is only 0. 3mg/L, well below the national standard (standard is 1. 5mg/L), is a real green synthetic material.

Wood environmental protection organized by the information center of Ministry of construction on a new product launch, wood and plastic materials technology holders, Singapore wood science and technology company and its Chinese partners in Beijing to the relevant government departments, major design and media show green product's technical performance and related indicators.