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For first-time exposure to wood products for people, "wood" and "wood" different appellation will make them confusing. WPC and WPC is actually the same thing, just a different name, I still believe that a unified name for "wood" is appropriate. Reasons has following points: a is China production of plastic wood products in the wood quality fiber of content most are is greater than 50%, to wood mainly; II is the material main used to alternative wood, is a with plastic and wood quality fiber synthesis of "wood"; three is in United States standard of defined in the expressed has to wood quality fiber for based raw materials of mean, "wood" is subject; four is in network Shang plastic wood of search index than wood plastic this word of search index more high. Therefore referred to as "wood" is more reasonable.

The main components of wood are plastic and natural fiber. With plant fiber raw materials, with the synthesis of a new type of composite plastic, along with advantages of plant fibers and plastics, applicable to a wide, almost covers all the wood, plastic, steel, aluminum alloy and other similar areas of the use of composite materials, as well as address the recycling of plastics, wood industry waste resources. Its main features are: plastic raw material resources, products, and environmental protection, economy, recycling costs compared with traditional wood, wood's greatest strength is to contribute to the environment, saves wood, protecting the ecological environment, do not need to paint to avoid environmental pollution, waste can be recycled without secondary pollution. Wood products has not painted, and the advantages of wood are not afraid of water, about 10 years after the end of the life cycle of, can also be recycled. Wood in the country after two years of promotion, Lu Xun's former residence in Shaoxing, East Lake, Huang Shan, Taiwan eight Bay national scenic area and other scenic spots, to the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, and then to the United Kingdom and the United States, and France and other European countries, you can see more generally, the application of a wide range of wood products.