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Social benefits of wood

1, the amount of the building steel and bamboo wood large

As China's, as well as the construction of a horse, templates, fast development of the industry. Expected in 2011-2012 China construction formwork industry average annual production scale will grow at about 15%; by the end of 2012, China construction formwork industry output will reach 220 million square meters.

2, amazing building steel wood consumption, serious waste of resources

China's annual production of new steel template as 39.7 million square meters, if converted to weight the equivalent of 27 bird's nest in Beijing steel consumption "

3, wood-plastic building templates instead of the traditional building of social benefits

Actively respond to climate change in our country, under the form of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, if in the building industry, can use a material that alternatives to steel and bamboo, wood, environmental and social benefits are immense. Current building market demand in more than 200 billion wood-plastic building templates in future years will occupy a market share of 3-5-50%, the output value could reach more than 60 billion, has a broad market prospect.

When used as a template for building wood-plastic composites, can greatly improve working efficiency and shorten the construction time. Wood-plastic profile compared to traditional single integrated template using cost savings of about 30%, supplementary costs can be reduced by about 40%, directly reducing construction cost almost 5%. Show Ann wood plastic Panel with a green, low-carbon, economic and many other advantages.