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Difference between wood-plastic PVC and PE

In wood-plastic composites or wood materials, the new concepts into China's market, was a concern of many companies and consumers, followed by wood products accounted for building materials market place, then the domestic wood materials can be divided into what does? wood-plastic materials prices would also be rendered according to the type of change.

Wood Plastic Composites is a very large category, its products are diverse, different product prices also have obvious differences, its many different types, such as PE wood-plastic, PP wood, PS wood-plastic, PVC wood-plastic, but the average market PE wood-plastic and PVC wood-plastic two, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

PE wood-plastic composite category: advantages of PE wood-plastic materials have excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, heating variant buckling, but take the measure or porous hollow structural effects. Disadvantages 1. outdoor use existence of life limited; 3-5; 2. less able to resist oxidation and photolysis, even if the addition of oxygen and UV reference agent, the effect is not so good, will also affect the product strength and fastness; 3. product appearance of color are grouped together, no wood texture, appearance is poor.

PVC wood-plastic composite category: advantages, 1.PVC wood-plastic products with a new material, can also be done using old material (while the PE with the new material cost is too high, no way going into the market), the modification is also easier, add product quality depends on the amount of 2. Made low foaming PVC wood-plastic products, lower costs, see fit using co-extrusion forms (both material co-extruded or plastic and steel coextruded), have a good sense of strength and grain 3.PVC secondary processing variety of exterior ornamentation or painting can cover UV paint, nice and good color fastness, 4. PVC wood-plastic products waterproof and corrosion resistance as well as excellent. Shortcomings, PVC wood-plastic texture is lighter, less than PE wood-plastic it bearing, fading seriously.

PE wood-plastic and PVC wood-plastic differences: first of different raw materials, PE wood-plastic material is second and PE recycled material and wood powder, calcium powder, and few modifiers. Manufacture of PVC wood-plastic material is PVC resin powder, PVC recycling materials, wood flour, powder and some of the modifiers, and so on. Second law, preparation of PE wood-plastic products mainly cold push method; PVC wood-plastic products-preparation of vacuum forming, cold method and three-roll control. Different behavior in addition, PE wood-plastic products, high hardness, brittleness, creep. PVC wood-plastic products are light weight, hardness difference, good toughness, creep, no PE wood-plastic products. Finally different, PE wood-plastic products is mainly dominated by outdoor garden construction, LESCO wood such as fencing, flooring, garbage cans, flower beds, pallets and so on.