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Application of wood-plastic composites

Wood plastic composite, we zhiqian said has many times, not only has wood texture strongly of features, and also has anti-corrosion moisture anti-insect borers of features, its application field than wood material more broad, due to wood plastic composite excellent of anti-corrosion moisture performance, makes its in outdoor also has is good of application, due to wood plastic both plastic of resistance water anti-corrosion and wood of texture two species characteristics, and for plastic wood composite in the contains part of plastic ingredients, so it and can prevent insect borers, Making it an excellent and very durable outdoor building materials, used in all aspects of outdoor alternative ports, terminals, such as the use of wooden components, can also be used to replace wood production of packaging, trays, cartridge pads, etc the list goes on, uses extremely broad.

Wood materials is one of the main purposes of alternative applications of solid wood in all areas, which is most widely used in the area of construction products, accounting for 75% of the total wood plastic composite products. Wood-plastic composite used venue for outdoor, flower boxes, decorative plates, signs, hydrophilic materials, structure decks, flower corridor, terrace, parking room, Interior, Dado, door and window boxes, bathroom set, indoor partitions, acoustic panels (walls), decorative lines.